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Ancient Kilns and Bronze Drum (Kong bang)Ancient Kilns and Bronze Drum (Kong bang)
Southwest of Vat Mahaphot are a number of earthen mounds that were once kilns, believed to have been used to manufacture bronze drums known as kong bang in Lao. These drums, a symbol of status and wealth, can be seen in the Luang Namtha Province Museum. There are also a number of privately owned drums remaining in Vieng Phoukha.
Vat MahaphotVat Mahaphot
Vat Mahaphot and an ancient city are located on a hilltop just south of the main town. This and other abandoned vats in Vieng Phoukha are believed to date to the 16th-17th centuries. Surrounding this abandoned temple is a series of ramparts called kou vieng in Lao. Many people believe that these ruins are protected by spirits and if you take anything from the ancient sites you will suffer sickness and perhaps death.
Phou Iu Travel and Eco-tourism
Phou Iu Travel and Eco-tourism in Laos
Phou Iu Travel and Eco-tourism is the owner of the Phou Iu II Bungalows and Eco-Trek in Muang Sing and Phou Iu III Bungalows in Luang Namtha with branch offices in Luang Namtha, Vieng Phoukha, Long and Nalae. They offer a large variety of trekking, kayaking and boat tours, as well as the jungle camp, biking, motor-biking and tours by car. Tours are designed to last from 1 to 11 days, including overnight stays in private homes or lodges in ethnic villages. Some tour activities are by foot, bicycle or boat, others include travel by tuk-tuk, bus or four wheel drive. Home stay packages within Luang Namtha and Nam Ha National Protected Area are also offered. || Read more >>
















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