1 Day Trek Phuo Mot & Ancient Ruins (ID: VPK-TK-01)
Easy trek takes you through district forest conservation area, Khmu village, in the morning you will see many kinds of births and afternoon visit the conservation area ‘Ku Vieng’ ‘Mahapot Stupa’ and Vat Mahapot “the Ancient city and temple”. | Book Now | More info »
Trekking in Vieng Phoukha, Laos
2 Days Trek Hill Tribes (ID: VPK-TK-02)
Akha trek mean trekking to visit and stay overnight in the Akha village and trek though other ethnic groups in different villages as Hmong and Lahu, visit waterfall and for the second day have lunch with Lahu traditional on the trail. | Book Now | More info »
Trekking in Vieng Phoukha
3 Days Trek Gibbon Trail (ID: VPK-TK-04)
Challenging trek from Vieng Phoukha to explore an important area in the Nam Ha NPA for one of the world’s last remaining populations of black-cheeked crested gibbons. With Khmu and Akha guides, visit caves inhabited by bats and perhaps hear the gibbons’ magical morning calls. | Book Now | More info »
Nam Ha NPA Vieng Phoukha
3 Days Trek Akha Trail (ID: VPK-TK-05)
The first day easy trek pass forest to visit Khmu village, participate in the forging process, stay overnight in Khmu village, the second day trek to inside Nam Ha NPA, you will be able to see many different kinds of NTP’s (Non Timber Forest Products), also the forest of many wild lives further elephant also bear, tiger, gaur, monkey, barking dear, gibbon, wild pigs, jungle fowl etc…, visit cave, Akha home stay and lunches will be prepared in the traditional way in the forest along the path. | Book Now | More info »
The jungle trek in Vieng Phoukha















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