Nam Ha Hill Tribe Eco-Trek provides home stay (stay overnight with Khmu family) for tourist who is waiting to start your trek for the next day.
  • Accommodation: 20,000 LAK or around 2.5 US$/person
  • Dinner for today and breakfast for tomorrow: 30,000 LAK or around 3.5 US$/person. | Contact Us >>

Along the Tea Carava Trail:
Sacred Borkung Forest Camp
Along Route 3, between Vieng Phoukha and Luang Namtha
A local camp is available in Vieng Phoukha town at the Sacred Borkung, behind the tourist information center. Within the conservation area, the sacred Borkung site sits alongside an ancient, broken Buddha image and a ruined pagoda. | Book Now | More info »
Bor Kung Forest Camp
Along the Tea Caravan Trail:
Nam Eng Homestay and Kao Rao Cave Exploration

Along Route 3, between Vieng Phoukha and Luang Namtha
The local guides in Ban Nam Eng have received basic training and provide homestay and a short tour program. The trail begins at Ban Nam Eng, a Khmu village approximately 12 km from Vieng Phoukha Town. | Book Now | More info »
Home Stay in Ban Nam Eng
















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